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Services focus mainly on providing consulting and filing requests for approval with regulatory authorities, and not involved directly in importing operations.

I also perform Factory Inspections for various international laboratories. Since 1994, I performed hundreds of factory inspections in Israel and Europe for TUV Rheinland, Intertek and MET.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Encryption approval in Israel

Any product (Software or Hardware) that contain encryption algorithms/mechanism, must receive an encryption license from Ministry of Defense (MOD) according to the Encryption Order.

More information can be found on MOD website -

There is no difference between civil or military use - they all need licenses if containing encryption.

There are different types of licenses. Products like Servers, Access Points and Mobile phones usually receive "General licenses" which have less restrictions.

Products given general licenses are declared as "for Free Means" - 
If you find a product (that you wish to import) in this list there is no need to apply for a license for it.

Any use of a product containing encryption must be licensed, but if it is for a "personal use" you don't need to apply for an encryption license. 

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